Congration to Winners of LIPPE AWARD 2020, Click Here To View List of Winners




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Working in Gurgaon since 2003

  • To create faith amongst the people by way of demonstrating the efficacy of the system that it is capable of restoring their health and is capable of facing any challenge
  • To raise the confidence of the physicians working with the system, by way of creating centers, where they can gain and demonstrate their capabilities.
  • To create awareness about the Homoeopathy amongst the people generally belonging to the rural area.
  • To have a network through the country in such a way and such places that every needy person may reach easily.
  • The network should comprise of clinics, hospitals, institutions and education centers.
  • To raise the funds for executing the plan.


Winners of LIPPE AWARD 2020

Congration to Winners of LIPPE AWARD 2020,

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Various Homoeopathic clinics have been established by BAT entilted Bamra Homoeopathic Clinic situated at Gurugram (Haryana), Dwarka(Delhi), Bhiwadi(Rajasthan), Village Harra and Samauli(UP). It has dealt with about 55,000 cases of every type of disease endowed with commanding gratification to the patients.


The Mobile dispensary named as "Homeo Swasthaya Seva" has been launched in 2014. It is a fully equipped which can reach reach even the remote areas in our Rural belt. Homeo Swasthaya Seva is the part of all our Health camps / seminars that we conduct every month.


Awareness Program also known as Swasthya Sammelan" with the people residing in rural and urban areas are arranged to create awareness about the efficacy of Homoeopathy in various health issues and help them to understand the real meaning of the HEALTH and Hygiene. The Homoeopathy deals with the individual in its total sum ( Intellect, emotions and physical body) and therefore can make ones healthy in its real sense by removing and annihilating the disease.


12 acres of land has been acquired including mango orchard , one residential farm house and agricultural land at village Samauli, Tehshi Khatauli, Muzaffernager, Uttar Predesh for the execution of various projects including Gaushala, Vatinary Homoeoathy, Agrohomeopathy, Organic farming, Maternity and child care center , Educational Institute and Homoeopathic pharmacy.


Lippe Award has been started by Bamra Arogya Trust on the name of Dr ADOLPHE VON LIPPE (1811-1880) a true legend, a giant in the history of Homoeopathy in 2014 for the Homoeopathic students, interns, and physicians to encourage and to create trust in the Homoeopathy, which they have chosen as the mission...

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Online Consultation

Our online consultation facility enables patient from anywhere to get prescription from our doctors.It requires you to follow just 3 simple steps-

  • Fill in your details and make payment for the consultation fees.
  • Answer our consultation questionnaire and email it to us.
  • Receive your prescription in 2-3 days.

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Online Survey

Bamra Arogya Trust is conducting a survey on the present Homeopathic Education system and seeks your participation in the survey..

Feel free tp write your reviews so that we can propose an improved and competent Homeopathic Education system available to all.

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Third Foundation Day

Date: 22nd March 2015 Time :1000 to 1030h
Venue: Vimal Kumar Hall,GIA house, Industrial Development Colony, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Opp. Sector -14, Gurgaon - 122001,Haryana Program Highli...

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Our Centres


Bamra Arogya Kendra  
 Gurugram, HARYANA



Bamra Homoeopathic Clinic  
 Dwarka, New Delhi



Bamra Homoeopathic Clinic  
 Bhiwadi, Rajasthan



Bamra Homoeopathic Clinic &
Village Samauli, Muzaffarnagar,UP


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