The BAMRA AROGYA KENDRA, Gurgaon, was founded on 6th December 2002 with a goal for providing health care, based on Alternative System of Medicines, Homoeopathy, to the people at very reasonable cost. It has dealt with about 38,500 cases of every type of disease to the great satisfaction of the patients. A trust has so far been created amongst the people who came in contact with, that Homoeopathy can face any challenge brought to it.

Based on the positive response from the people, for widening the scope; in 4th Jan 2012, BAMRA AROGYA TRUST is formed to make recommendations to make the policies, action plan and the resources for its functioning and development.

BAMRA AROGYA TRUST was formed for widening the scope with three targets, Swasthya, Individual and the Preserver of Health.

The Scope

  • Confidence level so far achieved should be raised on large scale within the people, that Homoeopathy is effective for every type of disease, the acute, chronic or complex for either sex of every group of age.
  • Awareness should be more developed than so far created that the Homoeopathy is much effective:
    a. In injuries, acute or chronic, fractures, burns.
    b. Dentistry problems like pains, delayed dentition, imperfect development, discoloration and others.
    c. The hair problems, like falling, premature graying, baldness.
  • Attention must be drawn of the common men that how Homoeopathy can play a vital role in the field of OBSTETRICS.
  • The role of Homoeopathy for the CHILDREN should be demonstrated.
  • Another important field where Homoeopathy can play its constructive role is MENTAL DISORDERS like, Neurosis, Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Sadness, and Insanity and so on.

Six Points Action Plan

  • To create faith amongst the people by way of demonstrating the efficacy of the system that it is capable of restoring their health and is capable of facing any challenge.
  • To raise the confidence of the physicians working with the system by way of creating Centers (the institutions, the clinics, the hospital, the colleges) where they can gain and demonstrate their capabilities.
  • To locate the places especially amongst poor and rural areas of the states (First in Haryana) in such a way that they are reachable to those residing within a radius of five Kilometers.
  • To start the activities in such places with well-trained both in the philosophy of the system and familiarity with the social and natural environment where they are working.
  • To augment such places the facilities which are required to function with efficiency.
  • To raise funds for the whole system to work smoothly.


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